Invest in Alignment

Integrate and improve your physical, mental, and emotional health with the simplicity of inner-alignment.



Confidence Coaching, Empowerment Training

Confidence Coaching,
Empowerment Training

Courageous & Reliable Steady Growth
-Body-Centered Awareness Practice
-Mindset & Belief Shifting
-Transform Patterns of Eating

1:1 Weekly Coaching Calls and Texting Support

Attain EmBODYment & EmPOWERment with the power of true nourishment, honest support, and gentle awareness.


Wellness Training & Instruction

Wellness Consulting,
Training & Coaching

Customized wellness plans tailored to your unique corporate culture.

Recovery Programming supporting the treatment of addictions and other afflictions with presentations, workshops and a low-impact exercise class. The IMI (Intuitive Movement Integration) method is a powerful somatic technique to cultivate self-esteem, emotional intelligence, body-positivity, healthy expression as well as relational skills.

Corporate Risk Reduction Presentations focused on ergonomics, stretching, and other injury-prevention aspects of health and safety including stress-management and burnout prevention.

Individualized training and follow-up support to minimize chronic pain .and maximize productivity, boost morale, and directly support the wellness goals of your team.

Leadership and Team-building training using the fun and trust-building, low-impact IMI experience customized for business environments. Awareness and development of EQ and non-verbal communication is enhanced with this engaging activity.

Feedback reporting and metrics to get stats on how your team is meeting their wellness objectives and improving their impact to your work environment.