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Your Body Speaks, Listen.

Believe in the possibility of your own wellness, and see what happens. Heal your chronic illness and pain naturally through awareness, breakthroughs, and belief. Embody health from the inside out and the outside in with somatic exercise. 

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Heal Simply


Life transformation starts with intention. We teach people how to heal from chronic pain and illnesses so they have the power to evolve into healthy lives they desire and are worthy of.

Reduce and eliminate chronic pain and symptoms of chronic preventative illnesses like heart disease, and diabetes, even put autoimmune conditions into remission

Resolve emotional and professional burnout, finally break free of the bad habits that drive you crazy, and get your groove back.

Heal how you feel first. How you look is a reflection of what’s going on inside. Feel well on the inside, then looking well is the organic outcome. If trying to be healthy with the same mindset isn’t working, do it differently. A different approach with different support. It’s time to think beyond the boxes that keep you trapped in feeling unwell.


Quit Bending Over Backward and Getting Ahead of Yourself.

LisaBeth Lent, massage therapist, fitness instructor, natural health practitioner, corporate wellness consultant, and personal health coach, shares her healing journey to give you a solid guide to your health progression and inner-alignment.

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