Unstuck Yourself: 9 Weeks to Wellness

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Unstuck Yourself: Heal Chronic Pain & Illness at the Root

Date: 4.20.2024
Learn to resolve the spiritual war within and self-heal with this "how-to" program for health restoration.

Re-frame your chronic pain and illness as sacred teachings for self-mastery for life fulfillment.

There are subconscious blocks to the birthright of our well-being. To live how we truly desire, we must first believe it’s possible. The body heals itself naturally with incremental sensible shifts shared in this 45-minute workshop with time for answering questions afterward.

Via Zoom
Replay available upon request

Self-healing intensive

Restoration: 9 Week Wellbeing Study

Show Up and Watch What Happens
-Heal from chronic pain, illnesses, and disorders (i.e., autoimmunity, anxiety, depression, fibro, etc.)
-Break out of harmful patterns, addictions, and aversions into a growth mindset.
-Healthy ways of eating, no more diet culture.
-Body positivity, as you are, and boost energy.
-Fun & Relaxed Low-Impact Somatic Exercise
-Lean into the life you desire.

Week by week Awareness & Healing:

-1 LIVE teaching per week (replays too)
-1:1 45-min session per week includes guided somatic practicing
-Weekly integration study guides
-24/7 text/video/voice communication
-Group Support via WhatsApp

Empowerment through embodiment.

Health & Wellness Education

Gateway to The Women's Wellness Sisterhood

Invitation Only Private Community of Women Committed to Our Wellbeing
This confidential safe-container for sisters who embody and support one another's health and peace of mine. We anchor in trusting self, practice discernment and connection among our sisterhood and share and educate on topics around practicing everything health, hope, and happiness related.

Corporate Wellbeing & Holistic Health Education

  • Injury & Burnout Prevention Consultations & Presentations focused on ergonomics, stretching, and other injury-prevention aspects of health and safety including stress-management and burnout prevention.
  • Cigarette and food addiction cessation programs for teams and organizations. 
  • Recovery & Restoration Education presentations and therapeutic classes to support the treatment of addiction, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and (C)PTSD. 
  • Copywriting on everything health and wellbeing.
pain relief

Team Wellness Development

Wellness Consulting,
Training & Coaching

health mindset coach litchfield ct

Customized wellness plans tailored to your unique professional culture.

Corporate Risk Reduction Presentations focused on ergonomics, stretching, and other illness and injury-prevention aspects of health and safety including stress-management and burnout prevention.

Individualized training and follow-up support to minimize chronic pain .and maximize productivity, boost morale, and directly support the wellness goals of your team members.

Leadership and Team-building training customized, engaging presentations to groups or using the trust-building and interactive IMI method customized for professional environments. Awareness and development of EQ and non-verbal communication is enhanced with this engaging activity.

Feedback reporting and metrics to get stats on how your team is meeting their wellness objectives and improving their impact to your work environment.

LisaBeth Lent Body Positivity Coach

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