Unstuck Yourself: 9 Weeks to Wellness

LisaBeth Lent


Restoring Wellness

Walking her talk, LisaBeth shares how alignment of the physical body aligns one’s entire life to health and wellbeing.

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LisaBeth Lent Body Positivity Coach

She’s been teaching about sensible embodiment and practical empowerment through her presentations, coaching, and Intuitive Movement Integration (IMI) method since 2016. Since 2011, she’s been in the health and wellness field, as a therapeutic massage therapist and developing her IM method since it’s inception in 2014. LisaBeth was certified in group fitness instruction in 2017 and nutrition coaching 2019 to better illuminate to her clients the intimate connection between nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing.

Her simple approach to wellbeing is beneficial to beginners as well as experienced people on their health journeys. Her lessons stick using simple techniques to elevate one’s self-confidence and self-esteem, improving physical posture, nutrition and self-awareness often as a unified process for overall health progression.


To Being Well

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Accountability is the foundation of success

I was lost, now I’m found. Now I help other’s find themselves. I guide people to reconnect to their bodies, and restore their health. 

Mental health advocacy is lived, not just spoken. I believe that mental health is achieved through the body and through the power of awareness. 

No one wins alone. Trust the trustworthy and the process will unfold exactly as it should.

You are on your way to a deeply satisfying life with less pain, and more fun, laughter, and compassion.


obstacles to health

Her coaching, corporate consulting, and classes demonstrate how to identify and overcome your undesired habits and replace them with what will deliver your long-term goals of being better and well. Her strategies to restore health are driven with honesty and compassion for where you were, where you are at now, and what you will progress towards.
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Images of LisaBeth’s cervical and thoracic spine showing her advanced osteoarthritis and significant scoliosis that caused her constant chronic pain for the first four decades of her life. She now lives 90% pain free.   


Alignment and awareness

LisaBeth (LB) is a nutrition and wellness coach, a fitness instructor, and an advocate of self-healing balanced with support. She exemplifies self-healing resolving chronic pain, anxiety, and autoimmune flare-ups with the power of gentle awareness, progressive growth, and supportive community. For decades she has tried “going it alone” and learned the long, hard way, that no one can succeed in becoming healthy and well in isolation.

Self-study has its place, but bravery is required to reach out and receive support from those we feel drawn to. We are attracted to exactly the right people on our journey to whole wellbeing.

She supports women in restoring their health and wellbeing, helping them overcome limiting beliefs, socially acceptable addictions, and chronic health conditions so they can reclaim their inner-alignment and empowerment using her embodiment practices and psychologically safe containers. 


Trust the process

Reach out to have a conversation about your particular situation. On our call, we will discover if we are a good match or I can provide guidance for where to get the right support for you. If we are a good fit, we will co-create a plan to meet your long-term needs and goals.

Somatic Exercise


No risk, no pressure, no sales,
just curious exploration.

Be ready for a different approach to getting things accomplished!

The New York College of Health Professions Massage Therapy
AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) certification
NASM Personal Trainer Certificate (Non-Proctored Exam)
Brainz 500 global



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This was fantastic! So much fun that I barely realized I was actually getting a workout…this is so right up my alley.
Carisa M.



health coach litchfield ct
This was fantastic! So much fun that I barely realized I was actually getting a workout...this is so right up my alley.
Carisa M.

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