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Enjoy some common sense perspectives of being well. The pillars of health are mindset, nutrition, and movement. Each effects our mental, emotional, and physical states and are interdependent, reflecting our health or dis-ease.

Rule #1: Believe change is possible in order for growth and healing to happen.

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20 Minute Reset

Movement: Cardio | Core | Concern Decide to prioritize your activity once a day. Baby steps, plan to do at least one section at minimum

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Action Over Sugar

Nutrition: Action Over Sugar Love is sweet, you don’t have to eat it to feel it. Celebrating Sweetness in Life Instead of Eating It It’s

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Sleep status

Movement: Sleep status Being still is still being. Doing nothing is some of the best activity there is. Catching the Zzzz’s You Need Need a

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Mindset: Wellbeing The emotions and the mind feed off one another. The power of beliefs and feelings can’t be underestimated in shaping our health. Quick

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Making dreams Real

Mindset: Making Dreams Real Believe it’s possible and don’t be afraid to fail. Trying is all the success you need. Reach for the stars and experience

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Facing Uncertainty

Mindset: Accepting Uncertainty When you are centered in the eye of the storm, you are safe. Get centered to keep moving forward in you life. 

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