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Action Over Sugar

Love is sweet, you don’t have to eat it to feel it.

Celebrating Sweetness in Life Instead of Eating It

It’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day brings lots of candy and chocolate to mind and too much to our mouths. Regardless of our romantic status, people love to indulge on sweets for this holiday. Celebrating togetherness for some, but also soothing loneliness for many. There are so many more ways to show love than giving and indulging in sugary treats!

This article will give you some activity ideas to feel the love we all need and want. Action is the best way to show someone (especially yourself) you really care about them. So much more important that buying chocolate and candy, show someone you love with action this Valentine’s Day.

Before we get into activity ideas, first let’s explore some facts about sugar to inspire you to make this Valentines holiday more about treating ourselves and one another well and less about the sweet treats we don’t need. Sugar is detrimental to our health, no shocking news flash there, but its effects are killing us slowly over time. The top costs of sugar to health are:

  • Increases dementia risk.
  • Compounds risks of smoking.
  • Sugar feeds cancer.
  • Sugar leads to heart disease.
  • Sugar is addictive.
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Effects of sugar on mind and body.

Sugar in excess leads to weight gain, increased cortisol, gut flora imbalances, brain fog, fatigue, diabetes, insomnia, heart disease. Depression and anxiety are linked to sugar’s influence, creating spikes and dips in blood sugar, throwing off our hormonal regulation making us feel stressed. Much like the long-term effects of excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption, too much of a good thing shortens life spans and invites a roster of preventable diseases.

Healthy alternatives to sugar in moderation.

There are tons of healthy alternatives on the market. One of the best alternatives to white cane sugar is maple syrup which is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Still high in natural sugar, but loaded with vitamins and minerals. The darker the syrup, the higher in nutrient density!

DID YOU KNOW? Pure maple syrup has the same beneficial classes of antioxidant compounds found in berries, tomatoes, and flax seed.

If just one is impossible.

Dopamine, the hormone that fuels the drive to desire things, surges in sugar’s consumption, like any other pleasurable chemical substance that enters the body. Some are lucky and can have just one small piece of chocolate, candy or cake while others can’t seem to ever have enough. It’s best to have alternatives instead of sitting with a bag of M&Ms which only leads to guilt and remorse the next day. There are tons of support groups for help if you happen to be in the habit of overdoing sugar on a regular basis.

Activities beyond chewing.

Demonstrating love is being loving! According to the book, “The 5 Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman, people have different ways to show affection based on how they desire to receive it. It might be fun to discover your primary love language at their website if you have a mate, ask them to do it too, it’s a great topic of conversation to learn more about one another. Here are some activities and actions to take categorized by each love language to do with someone or enjoying your own company.

  • Words of Affirmation: Verbal compliments that express love and appreciation.
    • Write a poem or love letter.
    • Make a collage.
    • Send loving texts to your mate.
    • Stick post-it notes of self-love around your space.
    • Make a list of all the things you appreciate about your mate.
    • Create a music playlist.
  • Physical Touch: Sexual and non-sexual that shows love.
    • A good long neck or back massage.
    • Get a professional massage or facial.
    • Getting a manicure or pedicure with a relaxing, extended foot treatment.
  • Quality Time: Focused and undivided attention spent together.
    • Go for a hike together.
    • Play a boardgame.
    • Go stargazing.
    • Play tourist in your own town.
    • Go for a drive.
    • Have breakfast in bed.
    • Cook dinner together.
    • Go to a museum or historical landmark.
    • Make a bucket list together.
  • Acts of Service: Any act that eases the burden of responsibility.
    • Take a chore they do and do it for them.
    • Surprise them with fixing broken something they’ve been holding off on.
    • Watch the kids while they let themselves nap or read a book.
  • Receiving Gifts: Physical symbols that reflect thoughtfulness and effort. Here’s a list of some gift ideas.
    • Give a gift certificate to their favorite place.
    • Package a special combination of essential oils they’d love.
    • Jewelry that suits their style.
    • Gift cards.
    • Movie tickets.
    • Cozy slippers.
    •  Journals.
    •  Gift certificate to a haircut or a blow-out hairstyling.
    • New clothes.
    • Kitchen appliance.
    • Photo session.

Here are some more ideas of things to do:

  • Volunteer together.
  • Design a treasure hunt in your home of small letters and gifts.
  • Do yoga together.
  • Do karaoke together.
  • Co-create a scrapbook of your life together.
  • See a drive-in movie together

Feel the love everyday

Celebrating love with action instead of sweets is not only for Valentine’s Day, but everyday of our lives. Making time for the people we love, including ourselves makes life feel healthier and so much more satisfying. Love is food for the soul!


Sugar is the devil. Show love in better ways and discover what it means to be well!